Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today we had "Pirate Day" we dressed up as pirates and did a scavenger hunt... I made clues that lead to one another, and then the treasure was ice cream...we made a trip to Berrysweet, but they were closed so we had to go to McDonalds. The kids didn't seem to mind, and had alot of fun playing pirates! joshy makes the cutest pirate! At least i think so. . . . .

JOSH::: The Tuff Pirate.

NATALIE: the sweet pirate.

ASH::: The 1/2 Pirate.

joshy took this picture. ha. seems i dnt have a head. :)

i made my costume out of a black garbage bag, the kids thought i was nuts, & they kept making fun of me.

we had a treasure map to follow, with pitures of where the next clue was, drawn on the map so it could help find it.

we had fun being pirates, and finding the hidden treasure!!! && enjoying our ice cream too!!!!

We also read the childrens book; How I Became a Pirate.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is my new so. cal, where i live with the Brandenburg famiy, who i nanny for.

These are the brandenburs. Jen, Andy, Drew, Josh, and Natalie.

and the other two members of the family, the great dane- hazel, and bulldog -rosie. They are soo cute, but very lazy, they like to sleep in their kennels all day in the nice air- conditioned house. sometimes you can't even get them to come out because they know they have to go out in the california heat. [[poor things]]

so far my time out here has been bitter-sweet. I think i may be suffering from a bit of culture shock, i miss my family alot and miss my friends back home. it's hard to adjust from being on the go all the time and always being with friends, to being home and not know a soul. I am hoping to get to know people and start making friends, that way my experience will be alot better. The family is very sweet, but have different habits than i do, its interesting to see the differences in people.