Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Jakey

This is just a little video of jake, just for fun, he was being a punk, so i got him on camera, he's kinda cute when he is grumpy :] love you jake!

Well, since i haven't posted for a little over a month if figured i better post and catch ya'll up with what's happenin'. Christmas was amazing! I loved being home, seeing family, celebrating, playing, heck, i even loved the snow. :] I stayed busy the whole time, and even though i had 2 weeks i didn't get to see everyone i wanted to. Things got a little busier than i had planned for, Jake and I got engaged! We are super excited!

It was drews birthday on monday, so last saturday we all went up to Big Bear sledding, it was a pretty fun time, Jens mom was in town, so we had 7 people to pack in a car! The road was soo windy i got car sick, it wasn't a fun ride, but sledding was fun! There is a lake right near where we were sledding, and it was SO pretty and blue! You wouldn't guess you would find it in cali, cos the snow and the frozen water, but sure enough! :]

i know it seems like i should have alot to post because it's been a century since i have posted anything, but i really don't have much else to tell ya'll. :]