Friday, February 20, 2009

Jake is going to kill me for posting this, but i love it when he plays his guitar for me. I was in the bathroom getting ready and i ALWAYS listen to music when i get ready, and i was at jakes house so i didn't have any music so i begged jake to play for me, he got grumpy and kept saying no, and i kept begging him to play for me. So, finally, he gave in a played for me. I only got half of the last song he played on video, but he is quite the entertainer. :D


I thought since, i have not been working, and all i have to do is sit at home, i could post the pictures of jake and i in cali. He came to cali jan. 24th to pick me up and spent about 4 days out there with me, we went to Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach, it was alot of fun! We love California! We wanted to spend as much time as we could at the beach before we had to come back to Idaho and the yucky freezing snow :/. But it wasn't warm enough to swim, we still had fun!

this is jake and i at laguna

Jake enjoying the beautiful ocean scene, by the way the water was SO COLD!

me being me.
Jake and i at huntington beach.

this is a picture of my grandparents walking down the PCH ( pacific coast hwy) jake and i joked that that's what we will look like about 30 years from now. haha

We all went out to eat at Chuy's- one last night out with the Brandenburgs! i will miss em!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


photos by: lynette phillips

Well, i guess it's offically offical now, we have our engagement pictures done. :] these are just a few of my favorites i made into a collage. I LOVE OUR PICS! Lynette did such a great job!!

Things are moving right along, i went and got my dress on wednesday and my veil and shoes and everything! Jake and i made our center peices, they are SUPER cute! It's so exciting to watch everything come together! Only 63 more days! woot woot!! I designed our announcement today, and so we will be getting those put together and start addressing our millions of invites. so we can mail them out in time. I didn't realize how much work a wedding was till we started planning, but it's alot of fun!