Monday, December 8, 2008

hey ya'll i just thought i would share with you this funny little story of what happen today. So i am just chillin at home alone, cos the brandenburgs had a pot-luck dinner to go to, and i was in my room, and my room is directly above the garage, so if the door opens or closes, i can hear it quite well. and while i was laying here in my bed working on my laptop i heard the garage door close, and thats' usually my indicator for the brandenburgs being back, so i listened for a few additional moments, and realized that the Brandedburgs were indeed, not home, and so i started to panic instantainously, thinking someone was either robbing the place or comming to kidnap me, i didn't worry alot about it till i let my mind wander and i had my music on pretty loud, since i was the only one home, i took advatage :] so i couldn't hear really well, but i thought i had heard the door open and close, and so i thought for sure someone was here, maybe jen had dropped andy off or visa versa ? well i really needed to go to the bathroom, so i get up to go, and it's directly down the hall from my room, strait shot, so i RUN to the bathroom, and i locked the door behind, me. when i had done what i needed to do in the bathroom, i decided that i was just to scared to go out because by then i had come to the conclusion that neither jen nor andy were there when i called both their names and noone answered, so i thought for sure the dude that was kidnapping me would be right outside the door, waiting. So i camped out in the bathroom, luckily i had my ipod with me and the ipod player in the bathroom, so i put on my music and tried to forget things, and texted jake, who didn't help, but only told me about scary movies to make things worse, i gave myself and hour and a half makeover- at 8 at night, until i heard jen and andy come home and decided it was safe to come out. Jen asked me where i was going and i told her i wasn't going anywhere she looked at me funny, then i proceeded to tell her the story, after a long period of laughter and finger pointing, she told me that they had come home for a moment and gotten a couple things, and shut the garage. So i camped out in the bathroom for about 2 hours, so the moral of the story is, always make sure you pee before you really have to go. :] that way you don't get stuck in the bathroom!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This picture is actually from about a week ago, i was doing some laundry, which was much over-due, and natalie likes to help out in EVERYTHING, cooking, cleaning, folding, and as you can see here, she likes to wear bras. I thought it was cute personally. She is SO MUCH OF A GIRL! and everytime you turn around she is doing something funny, like this. :]

Today i didn't feel very well, and didn't feel like doing much of anything, but if ya'll know me well enough to know i can't sit still and do nothing for anything, so while i sat in bed i took an old magazine and made this long chains out of them, and i made some out of pink and zebra paper too, and hung them up! It looks much better in person, but i thought it was kinda clever! it took me forever, but heck, what else was i to do right? i also started making some drink coasters out of my old magazines too, till the glue decided to spew all over my hands and then i was done, i am still picking super glue off my hands, it's not a pretty picture. Maybe tomorrow or when i have nothing to do i'll finish them up! We'll see. :]

Today i took the kids up to drews school for breakfast and to see Santa! They were super shy, and just stared at him in awe. It was super cute, the rest of the day natalie kept telling me that she knew Santa was watching so she was going to be good. :] Joshy had a mask that had broken (one of his thousands) and he wants a new one so he took it and showed Santa so he could make sure to get the right one. ;] and Natalie asked for babies, she has been telling Jen latly she wants a little sister, so i'm not quite sure what kind of "babies" she was talking about, but we will find out soon enough i suppose when she wakes up christmas morning to a plastic one. It sure is strange that i am still wearing my shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops in December, and still sweating! ugh. Christmas just isn't the same without snow. It doesn't feel like christmas time at all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

These are just some recent pics of me and the kiddies. Josh and Drew both rock mohawks now, they think they are pretty rad, and well... they are. :] natalies my girl. always sittin' pretty.
I don't know if you can tell but that is my head just by the "b" in Brandenburg, the Brandenburgs are very touchy-lovy people. ;]
Ah, man i love these kiddies. They keep me busy that's for sure! And they are all VERY witty and clever! They keep me laughing! Over the last week and a half since i have been home i have been telling the kids that Santa is watching, so they better be nice to eachother and help out mommy and daddy, and keep their toys picked up, cos santa knows if they are being bad. Well, another one of the Brandedburg traits is that they don't like to wear clothes, almost all the time the kids are walking around in nothing but thier underwear. So last night when i mentioned to natalie-who was wearing nothing but underwear, that Santa was watching, she got a funny look on her face and then all of a sudden her eyes get wide and she folds her arms over her chest and says "OH NO! SANTA CAN SEE MY BOOBS!" i thought i was going to die laughing at that point. It was the cutest most sincere worry a child could have, then she asked me to help her get a dress out of the closet for her cos she can't reach so that she could be dressed. -- it's moments like this that make me really love my job!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I finally made it to DISNEYLAND! I live like 30 mins away and finally made it there the day after thanksgiving! woot woot!

This is my home, okay no just kidding, but it would be rad if it were my home. :] this looks SUPER COOL when it's all lit up at night. Also they have everything decorated for christmas, so at night looks super neat with all the christmas lights, and they have fake snow makers and they make it snow, i was amazed, and very excited!!

This is me on the buzz ride, my score ALWAYS sucked, but i still loved it. You are supposed to shoot the lit up shapes with your lazer gun, and each different shape is a different amount of points, i say my gun was faulty, everyone else says i just suck. but whatevs.

if you noticed in one of my previous posts i made a bucket list, that list consisted of many things but two of them were go to Disneland, and smooch goofy. well i went to Disneyland! so i can cross that off, but goofy was nowhere to be found. but i found his house! I'll be back goofy! you just wait!
what can i say? Feel like a kid, act like a kid, NAP like a kid, Disneyland wore me right out! (this is at like 2 in the afternoon, we had been there since like 9:30 or so, and we stayed till 10:30!--long funnn day!!)I couldn't find goofy, but i found ELVIS! which is almost just as good. i didn't get to smooch him tho :/
Wow! It's already been a week and a half since i got back from idaho. Seems longer than that though, I think I am anxious to get back to Idaho for Christmas. I'm missin home a little. It was so nice to be able to come home for grandpa's funeral and see family and friends.
i think i like this boy a little. ;]

I had Thanksgiving with Jen, and Andy and the kids, Susan, and Ed, and Cindy- Andy's Parents. It was a different Thanksgiving than being home with my family, but it was still a good time. We had alot of fun visiting and getting to know eachother and sharing stories. We all pitched in and helped cook and it was just an all-around good holiday for us all!
after dinner jen and andy and ed didn't waste much time getting to the adds for the sales on black friday! Jen and andy got up at like 4 to beat the crowds, or better be a part of the crowds! CRAZY!
jen and i sporting our sexy aprons! Thanks ma!