Monday, December 8, 2008

hey ya'll i just thought i would share with you this funny little story of what happen today. So i am just chillin at home alone, cos the brandenburgs had a pot-luck dinner to go to, and i was in my room, and my room is directly above the garage, so if the door opens or closes, i can hear it quite well. and while i was laying here in my bed working on my laptop i heard the garage door close, and thats' usually my indicator for the brandenburgs being back, so i listened for a few additional moments, and realized that the Brandedburgs were indeed, not home, and so i started to panic instantainously, thinking someone was either robbing the place or comming to kidnap me, i didn't worry alot about it till i let my mind wander and i had my music on pretty loud, since i was the only one home, i took advatage :] so i couldn't hear really well, but i thought i had heard the door open and close, and so i thought for sure someone was here, maybe jen had dropped andy off or visa versa ? well i really needed to go to the bathroom, so i get up to go, and it's directly down the hall from my room, strait shot, so i RUN to the bathroom, and i locked the door behind, me. when i had done what i needed to do in the bathroom, i decided that i was just to scared to go out because by then i had come to the conclusion that neither jen nor andy were there when i called both their names and noone answered, so i thought for sure the dude that was kidnapping me would be right outside the door, waiting. So i camped out in the bathroom, luckily i had my ipod with me and the ipod player in the bathroom, so i put on my music and tried to forget things, and texted jake, who didn't help, but only told me about scary movies to make things worse, i gave myself and hour and a half makeover- at 8 at night, until i heard jen and andy come home and decided it was safe to come out. Jen asked me where i was going and i told her i wasn't going anywhere she looked at me funny, then i proceeded to tell her the story, after a long period of laughter and finger pointing, she told me that they had come home for a moment and gotten a couple things, and shut the garage. So i camped out in the bathroom for about 2 hours, so the moral of the story is, always make sure you pee before you really have to go. :] that way you don't get stuck in the bathroom!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This picture is actually from about a week ago, i was doing some laundry, which was much over-due, and natalie likes to help out in EVERYTHING, cooking, cleaning, folding, and as you can see here, she likes to wear bras. I thought it was cute personally. She is SO MUCH OF A GIRL! and everytime you turn around she is doing something funny, like this. :]

Today i didn't feel very well, and didn't feel like doing much of anything, but if ya'll know me well enough to know i can't sit still and do nothing for anything, so while i sat in bed i took an old magazine and made this long chains out of them, and i made some out of pink and zebra paper too, and hung them up! It looks much better in person, but i thought it was kinda clever! it took me forever, but heck, what else was i to do right? i also started making some drink coasters out of my old magazines too, till the glue decided to spew all over my hands and then i was done, i am still picking super glue off my hands, it's not a pretty picture. Maybe tomorrow or when i have nothing to do i'll finish them up! We'll see. :]

Today i took the kids up to drews school for breakfast and to see Santa! They were super shy, and just stared at him in awe. It was super cute, the rest of the day natalie kept telling me that she knew Santa was watching so she was going to be good. :] Joshy had a mask that had broken (one of his thousands) and he wants a new one so he took it and showed Santa so he could make sure to get the right one. ;] and Natalie asked for babies, she has been telling Jen latly she wants a little sister, so i'm not quite sure what kind of "babies" she was talking about, but we will find out soon enough i suppose when she wakes up christmas morning to a plastic one. It sure is strange that i am still wearing my shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops in December, and still sweating! ugh. Christmas just isn't the same without snow. It doesn't feel like christmas time at all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

These are just some recent pics of me and the kiddies. Josh and Drew both rock mohawks now, they think they are pretty rad, and well... they are. :] natalies my girl. always sittin' pretty.
I don't know if you can tell but that is my head just by the "b" in Brandenburg, the Brandenburgs are very touchy-lovy people. ;]
Ah, man i love these kiddies. They keep me busy that's for sure! And they are all VERY witty and clever! They keep me laughing! Over the last week and a half since i have been home i have been telling the kids that Santa is watching, so they better be nice to eachother and help out mommy and daddy, and keep their toys picked up, cos santa knows if they are being bad. Well, another one of the Brandedburg traits is that they don't like to wear clothes, almost all the time the kids are walking around in nothing but thier underwear. So last night when i mentioned to natalie-who was wearing nothing but underwear, that Santa was watching, she got a funny look on her face and then all of a sudden her eyes get wide and she folds her arms over her chest and says "OH NO! SANTA CAN SEE MY BOOBS!" i thought i was going to die laughing at that point. It was the cutest most sincere worry a child could have, then she asked me to help her get a dress out of the closet for her cos she can't reach so that she could be dressed. -- it's moments like this that make me really love my job!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I finally made it to DISNEYLAND! I live like 30 mins away and finally made it there the day after thanksgiving! woot woot!

This is my home, okay no just kidding, but it would be rad if it were my home. :] this looks SUPER COOL when it's all lit up at night. Also they have everything decorated for christmas, so at night looks super neat with all the christmas lights, and they have fake snow makers and they make it snow, i was amazed, and very excited!!

This is me on the buzz ride, my score ALWAYS sucked, but i still loved it. You are supposed to shoot the lit up shapes with your lazer gun, and each different shape is a different amount of points, i say my gun was faulty, everyone else says i just suck. but whatevs.

if you noticed in one of my previous posts i made a bucket list, that list consisted of many things but two of them were go to Disneland, and smooch goofy. well i went to Disneyland! so i can cross that off, but goofy was nowhere to be found. but i found his house! I'll be back goofy! you just wait!
what can i say? Feel like a kid, act like a kid, NAP like a kid, Disneyland wore me right out! (this is at like 2 in the afternoon, we had been there since like 9:30 or so, and we stayed till 10:30!--long funnn day!!)I couldn't find goofy, but i found ELVIS! which is almost just as good. i didn't get to smooch him tho :/
Wow! It's already been a week and a half since i got back from idaho. Seems longer than that though, I think I am anxious to get back to Idaho for Christmas. I'm missin home a little. It was so nice to be able to come home for grandpa's funeral and see family and friends.
i think i like this boy a little. ;]

I had Thanksgiving with Jen, and Andy and the kids, Susan, and Ed, and Cindy- Andy's Parents. It was a different Thanksgiving than being home with my family, but it was still a good time. We had alot of fun visiting and getting to know eachother and sharing stories. We all pitched in and helped cook and it was just an all-around good holiday for us all!
after dinner jen and andy and ed didn't waste much time getting to the adds for the sales on black friday! Jen and andy got up at like 4 to beat the crowds, or better be a part of the crowds! CRAZY!
jen and i sporting our sexy aprons! Thanks ma!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

so... i decided to make my very own bucket list...

5o things I want to do before I die:

1. Attend at least one major sporting event. (super bowl, olympics...ect)
2. swim with a dolphin
4. Have my Portrait painted.
5. Tell someone my life story- sparing no details.
6. Learn to Ballroom dance.
7. shower in a waterfall
8. spend new years eve in an exotic place
9. Drive across America- from coast to coast.
10. Own an AWESOME business suit
11. Ride the roller coaster on top of the stratosphere in Vegas (or the worlds highest rollercoaster)
12. Lean to juggle
13. spend Christmas on the beach
14. raft thru the grand canyon
15. grow a garden
16. scuba dive
17. spend 3 months getting my body in optimum shape
18. go up in a hot air balloon
19. Fart in a public place.
20. make a hole in one
21. make my greatest weakness my greatest strength
22. give blood
23. visit the Louvre-see mona lisa
24. go to Paris
25. meet jack black
26. have a star named after me
27. learn to hula- hula in Hawaii
28. learn to play the guitar
29. write my own songs
30. learn to throw a boomerang
31. give a homeless person my lunch
32. build a sandcastle
33. get my fortune told
34. see sunrise on the beach
35. see sunset on the beach
36. go to Disneyland
37. kiss goofy
38. adopt a child
39. attend an opera
40. go on a road trip with my friends
41. go to a drive in movie
42. see northern lights
43. bowl a 300
44. go paintballing
45. learn to surf
46. go to NYC
47. learn how to fence
48. meet the president of the US
49. find a 4 leaf clover

50. be kissed under the Effiel tower

Friday, November 7, 2008

It has been brought to my attention that i am failing everyone by not posting anything for about a month now... :/ so i will sum up the last month in this post! yay!
so i bought myself some skinny jeans, that's huge! because me in skin tight jeans, ya right! but i did it! and i love them! i'm sure i will be sporting them when i come home for ya'll to see. but in case you can't wait i'll post a pic of them on here for you. haha. just so you all know the tag says "super skinny" so that tells you how tight they are. :]

I finally made a new friend, susan, so i actually have someone to go hang out with instead of haning out with boys all the time or sitting at home. We have fun, and do the most random things, and dare eachother to do some insane things, which gets interesting, neither of us have chickened out yet tho, so i'll keep you posted on some of those dares, one was asking a complete stranger to dance in target, ( thank ellen for the inspiration) one was asking a guy in chillies if we could get a pic with him, just little things like that!

She and her mom and dad invited me to go with them to the Ellen Degeneres show in Burbank about two weeks ago! IT WAS BOMB! We got to Burbank at about 11'o clock, and signed in, the place you wait is in a parking garage across the street from the WB studios. After we signed in we went down and ate at a little tiny, totally delicious mexican restraunt, needless to say it rocked my socks! We got back to the waiting place about 12:30 and we waited for about 5 and a half hours, to hold our spot in line, cos you never know when they will call you in, and if your not there when they decide to, you don't get in, so we literally sat in a parking garage for like 6 hours, it was cool though, totally paid off, you had to dress classy, so i was wearing some boots with heals on them! OUCH! haha, my feet were KILLING! I contemplated buring the boots shortly after i got home, but i think i will just stick them in a glass case and save them as "ellen keepsakes" or something like that. Well when we finally got it, everything went by super fast! They sat us in awesome seats, which are totally random, and they sat Susan on the isle seat! So we danced and danced and it was awesome to see all the "behind the scenes" stuff that goes on. Chris Rock and Elisebeth Banks were the guests, it was rad. Oh, and did i mention we totally scored free digital cameras?! cheyah!

this is me and susan in front of one of the tvs they had in the "waiting area" at ellen! notice the skinny jeans and boots!-------->

Jen had a rockin' Halloween party! That was super fun! I went as a "convict" but everyone kept calling me "jail-bait" can't decide if that's a compliment or a slam? Susan went as a conductor, we had fun, we were the only two single ones there, everyone else brought their husbands or boyfriends, but neither of us have one of those, so we rocked the dance floor solo style!

Just to make ya'll a little jealous, Monday Susan and I went to Huntington Beach, it was about 75 and the water was about 60, a little too chilly for Californians, but for us it wasn't too bad! We played a couple games of beach volleyball with some random people then ran and jumped right in! It was a fun time! I learned though that my bathing suit isn't safe for swimming in or doing really anything in except sitting still, cos the top just wouldn't stay put! Good thing noone was really all that close or they woulda gotten a show! luckily susan was there to tell me if i was having a problem! HA HA.

this is the Pier at Huntington Beach. The building at the end is a restraunt called Ruby's! sounds silly but people actually fish off of it, and catch things believe it or not. i 'm not sure what they catch. but i don't know that i want to know either.

i witnessed some real-live surfing! surfers are HOT. mmmmmmm p.s. they are wearing wet suits.

I uploaded a little video tid bit so you can see what i do on a daily basis, or close to it anyway.... enjoy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last saturday, jeremy and i went to laguna beach! It was soo beautiful! It was kinda rainy and cold all day, but it was still amazing! I couldn't help but get in the water. All i had was the clothes i was wearing, so i rolled up my pants and went and played! it was so much fun! my pants were full of sand, but it was soo worth it! We got subways and ate them on the beach, and a seagul came and we fed him chips, he even ate out of my hand! Then he invited all his friends, and pretty soon we had seaguls everywhere! When we were done eating we left our subway bag by our things and went to play and take pictures, and while we were gone the seaguls made a big mess of it all.

This is the beach we were at!

the water was a little cool, but still soo fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

:::just chillin::


We are working on natalies picture taking skills! haha. she's pretty good. ha ha. and she LOVES taking pictures. :]

this is me and drew man-- just being rad.

this is what i look like when i am not playin nanny! ha i actually have make-up on! yay!------------------------>

Mr. Joshman ALWAYS falls asleep in the car, weather we are in the car for an hour or if it's 5 mins::: it's kinda handy actually! :]

oh how i love so. cal! It's the greatest place to be!! I get lost alot, and map quest is my new best friend, but, it's rad! Everyone keeps saying its starting to cool off, but it was 104 today... ya right!!

:::::ChUcK e. ChEeSe::::

Today we went to chuck e. cheese for our playdate! It was way fun and the kids had a blast! I have never been to chuck e. cheese before, so it was fun for me to do that for the first time... even tho it's built just for kids. ha. i had fun!

Miss natalie on the mean monster truck machine!

mason and josh at the top of the jungle gym! those dang monkeys!

josh, sydney, victoria and natalie::: i couldn't get them all to look at the camera at the same time for anything!!! but they are still soo cute.

Joshy ran around like crazy winning tickets cos he wanted to buy a toy dinosaur sooo bad! so he would play a game and get like 2 or 3 tickets and then run to the machine that counted tickets and print a recipt. i couldn't get him to wait and count all his tickets at one time so that we only had one recipt, the dinosaur he wanted to buy was 40 tickets, so we had prolly 9 recipts or so with only 2-11 points on them. it was funny, but he finally got his dinosaur!!!
drew and i did a simulation roller coaster ride, that was pretty fun, if that's all a rollercoaster felt like in real life i would like it! i couldn't get drew to get in any pictures... he was too cool for me. && disapeared and did his own thing the whole time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today we had "Pirate Day" we dressed up as pirates and did a scavenger hunt... I made clues that lead to one another, and then the treasure was ice cream...we made a trip to Berrysweet, but they were closed so we had to go to McDonalds. The kids didn't seem to mind, and had alot of fun playing pirates! joshy makes the cutest pirate! At least i think so. . . . .

JOSH::: The Tuff Pirate.

NATALIE: the sweet pirate.

ASH::: The 1/2 Pirate.

joshy took this picture. ha. seems i dnt have a head. :)

i made my costume out of a black garbage bag, the kids thought i was nuts, & they kept making fun of me.

we had a treasure map to follow, with pitures of where the next clue was, drawn on the map so it could help find it.

we had fun being pirates, and finding the hidden treasure!!! && enjoying our ice cream too!!!!

We also read the childrens book; How I Became a Pirate.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is my new so. cal, where i live with the Brandenburg famiy, who i nanny for.

These are the brandenburs. Jen, Andy, Drew, Josh, and Natalie.

and the other two members of the family, the great dane- hazel, and bulldog -rosie. They are soo cute, but very lazy, they like to sleep in their kennels all day in the nice air- conditioned house. sometimes you can't even get them to come out because they know they have to go out in the california heat. [[poor things]]

so far my time out here has been bitter-sweet. I think i may be suffering from a bit of culture shock, i miss my family alot and miss my friends back home. it's hard to adjust from being on the go all the time and always being with friends, to being home and not know a soul. I am hoping to get to know people and start making friends, that way my experience will be alot better. The family is very sweet, but have different habits than i do, its interesting to see the differences in people.