Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sexy and I Know It

Jeeze. This guy is just too handsome for me to handle. I'm so lucky to be his momma.
at almost 8 months J likes to EAT, roll, play in the bath or especially swimming pool, swing, laugh and play with his blue and white rubber ducky, and anything that makes noise (i.e. his singing bear--thanks grandma for that one) Remotes & cell phones. His newest "trick" is shaking his head "no". How is it they know that word so stinking early?! Why does "yes" get the short end of the stick? He cries as soon as Jake walks in the door from work because he instantly wants to play, he won't even let him shower and change. 
while on a trip in St. George last week we went to a Chinese/Japanese restaurant and one particular server thought he was so darn cute, she kept sayin "he cute! he cute!" in her super heavy Japanese accent. Then she turns to me and says "how old him?" it was so funny, i answered her question politely (meaning i didn't burst into uncontrollable laughter until after i left) but i will say that to J and he almost always will laugh at me. Its nice we share the same sense of humor, So much so in fact that we can sit and laugh at eachother all day. We think we're funny.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Canvas Contest!

Hey Everyone! I am entered in a contest to win a FREE gallery wrapped canvas of this cute little guy:
We need your help to win, you can vote twice, once at her blog by leaving a comment of which picture your voting for (blue steel)
and also on her facebook page, Like Charlsie Lyn Photography--you can find it on my page, then leave a comment on her wall for which one you're voting for! (note that liking the picture doesn't count as a vote)