Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just 35 days left.

34 days!

MAN! time is flyin' by! all of a sudden i am only gonna be a single girl for 5 more weeks. WHAAAT?! pretty much my mom rocks and has been the best wedding planner a girl could ask for, everything is about done except picking out a cake and jake's ring, and mailing invites,and getting a backdrop, and bridals...and reception decorations, and bridal shower, and food. ..ookay so there is still quite a bit to get done. but most of the hard part is done that is good. Jake and I decided that we will most likly be heading out to Virgina for the summer, if everything goes as planned we will leave 10 days after we get married, and be back in august sometime. nothing like living one one coast then the other in a matter of months! :] We are super excited and counting downt the days!

Jake and shane came in on my lunch break at work and went out to the shooting range. Jake just bought a new gun and he wanted me to shoot it. I was all for it till i watched him shoot it. Then i decided it would prolly sprain my wrist, but he finally talked me into it. After i shot it i decided it wasn't too bad, but it took me a while to warm up to it. I still don't really like to shoot it, guns just aren't my thing, but hey, what can i say i am a dang good shooter. ;]