Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Sweet Week...

Well, It's been one whole week since my sweet little boy was born, and i can hardly believe it. Call me a baby, but i get sad everytime i think of how fast time is going. I worry sometimes i'm going to wake up one day and he'll be grown. I LOVE my sweet baby. I'm going to go ahead and blame Madison Memorial Hospital for my baby blues, if they hadn't made our stay so amazing i wouldn't cry about missing the nurses. WE HAD AMAZING NURSES! I became very attached to them during our short stay. I know the tears are just hormones speaking, but i couldn't feel more loved by my Savior than i do now. My beautiful baby is healthy, happy and such a great blessing, and don't get me started on Jake. I'm not sure what I did to deserve someone so wonderful, but he truly is. He makes me feel so special each and everyday, and get sad when he has to leave to go to work. I just can't get enough time with my two sweet boys, and i wish time would go a little slower sometimes. I know my Savior loves me, because of the AMAZING people he has placed in my life. I know the Gospel is true, i can feel it in my entire being when i hold my little one against my chest. I feel SO blessed to have my sweet little family. I wish everyone could feel the peace and love i feel right now. It's truly humbling. I love my family, my Savior and I love my sweet one week old baby boy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jamison Douglas Higley

Our sweet baby boy is here! Finally!

Jamison Douglas Higley was born at 12:19 A.M. Tuesday, August 16th, and is a total lady killer in the nursery! He weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and is 18 inches long. Just a sweet little guy, with more hair on his head than his mom and dad combined :] WHICH I LOVE!! Jake and I are totally head over heels in love with our little guy and our whole lives have already changed with his arrival. Jake is the best dad / husband, and i'm not just saying that because i feel nice, but because it's true. :] He is one proud papa! and it fits him well. He's changed every dirty diaper, but one, and that's because i wanted to change him, he always wants to burp him after feedings, and loves to play and talk with him, oh, and put his hair in a rad mohawk. ((i'm not kidding, this kid has AMAZING hair!)) I couldn't imagine that being a new mom could be so amazing, but it is. It's a feeling you can't explain, but would love to feel every second of everyday. I love my two boys more than anything, and amist the pain/overtiredness, wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Watch out little ladies! My boy is one handsom fella! :]

Birth Story:

This is the last belly picture of me 40 weeks and 4 days.

This is right after my epideral, if i look worried, it's because i am. :] i had that look on my face in every picture.

So i wasn't sure how i felt about writing the birth story, i mean, who really wants to know what happend? But as it turns out, i think that motherhood had changed my opinion, afterall, it is a miracle by which we have children, and i couldn't help but want to share. SO... here goes.

Turns out my sweet little baby boy likes to take his time, or well i guess it's more like, make the decision, he wasn't going to go anywhere until he was ready. I was 40 weeks exactly at my last doctor visit, and for three weeks i'd had contractions, but i wouldn't dilate. My doctor decided that he would give us the weekend, (fri-mon) then if nothing happened he would induce me monday morning. Well, nothing happend. So jake and I prepared for and went in at 7:30 AM for my scheduled induction. The doctor was going to break my water upon arrival, but i was still not dilated at all, so they started PIT and the fun began. Contractions started about 30 minutes after we started the pit and were coming strong and regular. It took me from 8:oo till about 5:00 to get to 2 cm. I planned for a LONG night. I got my epideral at about 5:00, which i was kindof disapointed because i wanted to wait till i was more dilated, but i'm glad i did it when i did now. Right after the epideral, the Doctor broke my water and told me that it would take about one hour to go 1CM for most people, but for me it was possible i'd go slower. The epideral only worked on my left side so they had to try a bunch of different things so i could be completley numb. My mom always told me her horrible story when her epideral didn't work and i was preparing for the worst, that i would also have a non-working epideral. After about an hour or so they finally figured it out and i was able to be completely numb. Oh my am i grateful for drugs! The epideral made the baby's heartbeat drop, and they think he was smashing the cord so they had me lay on my side and every 10 mintues of so they would have me turn over, so i really wasn't able to get any rest. They checked me at 9:30 PM and they said i was ALMOST a 5, and we kept up with the turning. At about 10:30 i started feeling pain//pressure on my left side and i began to feel nauseous. The doctor came in a checked me and said i was complete, that i was ready to begin pushing. I wasn't entirely prepared for this part of the event, i mean i thought it was hours away, so it kinda put me into shock that the baby was so close. I struggled remembering to breath, so they put me on oxygen, because when i would hold my breath the baby's heartbeat would drop. I hadn't slept at all the whole day so i was extreamly exhasted and that made pushing really hard for me. After about an hour or so of pushing the baby scared me, his heartbeat got so slow i thought it was going to stop and i decided right then that i needed to get him out! That helped me to focus my efforts and get some real progress done. Jake did amazing, he was the best coach a girl could ask for, i would fall asleep between contractions so he would have to feel my tummy to see if i was having a contraction or watch the screen, then he'd wake me up and tell me it was time to push, he would count down, and even tell me the progress i'd made. Without him by my side i don't think i could've done it. The baby finally arrived at 12:19 and it was the most amazing moment of my life. He was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen in my life, and i was instantly smitten. My most favorite part was that he had a head of hair. He cried to reassure his momma, but then just looked around the room and at Jake and i the rest of the time. He is the BEST baby a girl could ask for, and perfectly handsome :] Welcome to the world Jamison!

i will post more pictures soon! :]

Sunday, August 14, 2011

About to be a mommy...

It seems a little strange, that tonight I'll go to bed pregnant and tomorrow night I'll go to bed a new mommy. It seemed like the time was dragging the last nine months, but now that it's here it seems like yesterday i was puking my guts out at 2-17 weeks pregnant. :] (glad that's over with) Guess when your sick for half of your pregnancy the second half seems to go a lot faster. Jake and I are super excited! Although we were realizing yesterday that we have no idea how to be a mom or dad, and that this new little baby is going to be more of a challenge than we thought. "you'll figure it out" everyone tells us, and i hope that's true! Jake already has that protective dad thing going on, i find it quite cute, i like that I'm not the only one over- obsessing about the baby, makes me feel a little bit normal, which is saying a lot about a woman who is 40 + weeks pregnant. I know he'll make a great dad, i can tell by how excited he is. Even though i think he tries to hide it as much as he can. :] I'm really bummed that i had to go over my due date, but I'm more comfortable than i thought I'd be, i mean a week ago i was running up all 3 flights of my apartment stairs, although, i think this week the baby is much lower, so that's a no go now. The doctor said that he wanted to give me the weekend to see if the baby will go on his own, But I've had contractions without dilating for the last 3 weeks so i don't expect much to happen, but can you really know? So unless the little man decides tomorrow isn't soon enough, I'll be started at 7:30am! I begged my doctor for the last 2 weeks to start me, i thought being started would be so much less stressful. Having a plan and knowing how many days are left till I finally deliver, sounded like less stress to me, but i think it did the opposite, I'm a big nervous stress ball now. I've learned something new about myself, the less i know the better! :] I just hope everything goes well, and that baby is healthy!