Sunday, August 23, 2009

...what's new pussycat....

well, not a whole heck of alot has been going on...we have been at jakes parents about a month now, it's been an interesting living situation, everyone goes there seperate ways, everyone is always running, and busy busy busy, i got all of the girls addicted to watching reba....and every episode gets recorded, we are in the 90 somthings now.We feel very blessed to have his family here to help us, and we are excited for our apartment to open up so we can get back to our own place, and out of everyone's way. but i bet i will be sad when i am all by myself sometimes. We decided that Jake's job situation has been a great blessing, even though we thought it was not a good thing...He has decided to work on getting his real estate licence, and will hopefully get it done quickly. I just work and sleep it seems like latly, so we don't get out and do a whole lot anymore.... but we keep ourselves entertained. I can't beleive August is almost over already! It seems like it just started, Last year at this time i was packing to start new in cali and here i am, married in preston, fancy that! It's interesting the blessings the Lord has in store for you when you just listen. I tell jake everyday i miss california and i want to go back, but it's such a great blessing to be where we are, and be with eachother.....anyways, that's about all i got for today, but i will post again soon.....

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well it's been quite a while since my last post, you would think i would do better at posting, being home alot, but obviously that's not the case. Jake and i go home about every stinking weekend, we're sure the people in our ward think that we are inactive, but that's not the case, we go to church, just not in our ward. :] and it's not our fault that there is something going on every weekend.... Kadee got a cute kitten a few weeks ago, he is super cute, but he is fiesty, jake is the only person i have found that can calm him down, and every weekend i get a picture of him and the cat sleeping, he says he doesn't like cats....but that's not what the pictures say.

I still can't find a job...but hopefully that will change soon. And we are moving soon, not sure where to yet, but prolly back to preston considering that's where jakes job is going. i guess we will see how it all turns out. :] Well, that's about all i have, i mean i could probably go on and on about nothing, but i don't feel like it, so that's all for now. . .

Monday, June 15, 2009


i'm having a love affair with this band.
can't get enoughhhh.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tye-Dye date night!

so jake and i like to have a date night each friday night, we just plan something fun to do and have a "date" night, it was my turn to plan the date night this week so i had the idea to tye-dye tshirts and then we went out to eat in them, we got alot of comments on our shirts, we must be the only ones who wear them anymore. :] but we had alot of fun making them! i also had the idea to pull some pranks on some of the couples who live in our apartment complex, some we have only met once or twice. We went to the DI and bought 4 glass bowls, and 4 random gifts, and we popped some popcorn and put it in the bowl and left the popcorn and one of the little gifts with a note and poem and a p.s. on the note that said "the popcorn is free but please return the bowl" but didn't leave a name, and we just left them on the door-step of their apartments! we got a kick out of buying the gifts and leaving them out! and it was really cheap!

these are a couple pictures of what the gifts looked like that we left out. we tried to find the most random things we could i think we did pretty good, a eyeball candle, cat soap holder, coconut monkey, and a pillow with an old couple sewn on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our first apartment :]

The living room The Kitchen
(the 'surf board' table doubles as a dining table and computer desk! )

The bathroom our empty- kitchen table area :]
So, it's a little snug, but we fit perfectly! It's so fun being married and making our first little apartment a home! we just love it! :]

Thursday, April 30, 2009

wedding wedding wedding!

well, it's all over now, i know, i'm WAY late on posting, but i finally got my internet up and running and so i thought i would, the only thing is, because i live in Rexburg i have not made it back to preston to pick up my "professional" pictures of the wedding, so i am just putting some up of the ones i had on my camera that ashlee, chris and lisa took. :] then when i get my good ones, i promise i will post them.
The wedding was amazing! I absolutley LOVE the Salt Lake Temple! it's soo beautiful! The wind was blowing like crazy when we came out though, so i don't know how good the pictures will be, cos my hair kept blowing in my face, and it got all messy. :[ but it was so much fun to be there with friends and family, and just enjoy the moment. i wasn't as concerned about the weather as i was the days before. The reception was beautiful! My mom did such a GREAT job in getting everything together and set up, it was a little stressful during the day gettting everything done, but it all worked out great!
this is a video jake and i did, just because a 2 hour drive to the place your getting married, can seem a little long. and we like to try to keep ourselves entertained. :]
this is me and jake after we fed eachother cake, he had it all over his face and in his eyebrows, and i had a HUGE chunk down my dress, it was the sickest feeling having that all crammed down there, poor jake though, he told me from the day we got engaged that he would not be smashing cake in my face, and he didnt. awe, what a sweetie. hahaha

this is all the jakes and ashlee's. ashlee higley, jake higley, me (another ashlee higley), jake pulsipher, and ashlie pulsipher.

this one doesn't need comentary.

jake and ashlee

the BEAUTIFUL salt lake temple.

jake and i made a pit stop at a mavrick on the way to salt lake, we were hungry and i was kinda tired, so he got us some corn dogs, and me a red bull to keep up the engergy level. (it worked)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

12 days left!

Wow, i really suck at this whole blog thing. i'm really trying to keep it caught up, but i guess i just get too busy and/or sidetracked on facebook ;] anyways, we are down to 12 days! holy moly! and i'm proud to say we have almost everything done. What a relief. Lynette did my bridals a couple weeks ago, they turned out really cute, she does such a great job, and is really fun to work with!

Today we had my bridal shower, it was so fun to get together with everyone and celebrate a little, it makes things a little more real for me, i still don't think it has fully hit me i am getting married yet, beleive it or not. Thanks to everyone who came!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just 35 days left.

34 days!

MAN! time is flyin' by! all of a sudden i am only gonna be a single girl for 5 more weeks. WHAAAT?! pretty much my mom rocks and has been the best wedding planner a girl could ask for, everything is about done except picking out a cake and jake's ring, and mailing invites,and getting a backdrop, and bridals...and reception decorations, and bridal shower, and food. ..ookay so there is still quite a bit to get done. but most of the hard part is done that is good. Jake and I decided that we will most likly be heading out to Virgina for the summer, if everything goes as planned we will leave 10 days after we get married, and be back in august sometime. nothing like living one one coast then the other in a matter of months! :] We are super excited and counting downt the days!

Jake and shane came in on my lunch break at work and went out to the shooting range. Jake just bought a new gun and he wanted me to shoot it. I was all for it till i watched him shoot it. Then i decided it would prolly sprain my wrist, but he finally talked me into it. After i shot it i decided it wasn't too bad, but it took me a while to warm up to it. I still don't really like to shoot it, guns just aren't my thing, but hey, what can i say i am a dang good shooter. ;]

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jake is going to kill me for posting this, but i love it when he plays his guitar for me. I was in the bathroom getting ready and i ALWAYS listen to music when i get ready, and i was at jakes house so i didn't have any music so i begged jake to play for me, he got grumpy and kept saying no, and i kept begging him to play for me. So, finally, he gave in a played for me. I only got half of the last song he played on video, but he is quite the entertainer. :D


I thought since, i have not been working, and all i have to do is sit at home, i could post the pictures of jake and i in cali. He came to cali jan. 24th to pick me up and spent about 4 days out there with me, we went to Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach, it was alot of fun! We love California! We wanted to spend as much time as we could at the beach before we had to come back to Idaho and the yucky freezing snow :/. But it wasn't warm enough to swim, we still had fun!

this is jake and i at laguna

Jake enjoying the beautiful ocean scene, by the way the water was SO COLD!

me being me.
Jake and i at huntington beach.

this is a picture of my grandparents walking down the PCH ( pacific coast hwy) jake and i joked that that's what we will look like about 30 years from now. haha

We all went out to eat at Chuy's- one last night out with the Brandenburgs! i will miss em!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


photos by: lynette phillips

Well, i guess it's offically offical now, we have our engagement pictures done. :] these are just a few of my favorites i made into a collage. I LOVE OUR PICS! Lynette did such a great job!!

Things are moving right along, i went and got my dress on wednesday and my veil and shoes and everything! Jake and i made our center peices, they are SUPER cute! It's so exciting to watch everything come together! Only 63 more days! woot woot!! I designed our announcement today, and so we will be getting those put together and start addressing our millions of invites. so we can mail them out in time. I didn't realize how much work a wedding was till we started planning, but it's alot of fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Jakey

This is just a little video of jake, just for fun, he was being a punk, so i got him on camera, he's kinda cute when he is grumpy :] love you jake!

Well, since i haven't posted for a little over a month if figured i better post and catch ya'll up with what's happenin'. Christmas was amazing! I loved being home, seeing family, celebrating, playing, heck, i even loved the snow. :] I stayed busy the whole time, and even though i had 2 weeks i didn't get to see everyone i wanted to. Things got a little busier than i had planned for, Jake and I got engaged! We are super excited!

It was drews birthday on monday, so last saturday we all went up to Big Bear sledding, it was a pretty fun time, Jens mom was in town, so we had 7 people to pack in a car! The road was soo windy i got car sick, it wasn't a fun ride, but sledding was fun! There is a lake right near where we were sledding, and it was SO pretty and blue! You wouldn't guess you would find it in cali, cos the snow and the frozen water, but sure enough! :]

i know it seems like i should have alot to post because it's been a century since i have posted anything, but i really don't have much else to tell ya'll. :]