Saturday, November 8, 2008

so... i decided to make my very own bucket list...

5o things I want to do before I die:

1. Attend at least one major sporting event. (super bowl, olympics...ect)
2. swim with a dolphin
4. Have my Portrait painted.
5. Tell someone my life story- sparing no details.
6. Learn to Ballroom dance.
7. shower in a waterfall
8. spend new years eve in an exotic place
9. Drive across America- from coast to coast.
10. Own an AWESOME business suit
11. Ride the roller coaster on top of the stratosphere in Vegas (or the worlds highest rollercoaster)
12. Lean to juggle
13. spend Christmas on the beach
14. raft thru the grand canyon
15. grow a garden
16. scuba dive
17. spend 3 months getting my body in optimum shape
18. go up in a hot air balloon
19. Fart in a public place.
20. make a hole in one
21. make my greatest weakness my greatest strength
22. give blood
23. visit the Louvre-see mona lisa
24. go to Paris
25. meet jack black
26. have a star named after me
27. learn to hula- hula in Hawaii
28. learn to play the guitar
29. write my own songs
30. learn to throw a boomerang
31. give a homeless person my lunch
32. build a sandcastle
33. get my fortune told
34. see sunrise on the beach
35. see sunset on the beach
36. go to Disneyland
37. kiss goofy
38. adopt a child
39. attend an opera
40. go on a road trip with my friends
41. go to a drive in movie
42. see northern lights
43. bowl a 300
44. go paintballing
45. learn to surf
46. go to NYC
47. learn how to fence
48. meet the president of the US
49. find a 4 leaf clover

50. be kissed under the Effiel tower

Friday, November 7, 2008

It has been brought to my attention that i am failing everyone by not posting anything for about a month now... :/ so i will sum up the last month in this post! yay!
so i bought myself some skinny jeans, that's huge! because me in skin tight jeans, ya right! but i did it! and i love them! i'm sure i will be sporting them when i come home for ya'll to see. but in case you can't wait i'll post a pic of them on here for you. haha. just so you all know the tag says "super skinny" so that tells you how tight they are. :]

I finally made a new friend, susan, so i actually have someone to go hang out with instead of haning out with boys all the time or sitting at home. We have fun, and do the most random things, and dare eachother to do some insane things, which gets interesting, neither of us have chickened out yet tho, so i'll keep you posted on some of those dares, one was asking a complete stranger to dance in target, ( thank ellen for the inspiration) one was asking a guy in chillies if we could get a pic with him, just little things like that!

She and her mom and dad invited me to go with them to the Ellen Degeneres show in Burbank about two weeks ago! IT WAS BOMB! We got to Burbank at about 11'o clock, and signed in, the place you wait is in a parking garage across the street from the WB studios. After we signed in we went down and ate at a little tiny, totally delicious mexican restraunt, needless to say it rocked my socks! We got back to the waiting place about 12:30 and we waited for about 5 and a half hours, to hold our spot in line, cos you never know when they will call you in, and if your not there when they decide to, you don't get in, so we literally sat in a parking garage for like 6 hours, it was cool though, totally paid off, you had to dress classy, so i was wearing some boots with heals on them! OUCH! haha, my feet were KILLING! I contemplated buring the boots shortly after i got home, but i think i will just stick them in a glass case and save them as "ellen keepsakes" or something like that. Well when we finally got it, everything went by super fast! They sat us in awesome seats, which are totally random, and they sat Susan on the isle seat! So we danced and danced and it was awesome to see all the "behind the scenes" stuff that goes on. Chris Rock and Elisebeth Banks were the guests, it was rad. Oh, and did i mention we totally scored free digital cameras?! cheyah!

this is me and susan in front of one of the tvs they had in the "waiting area" at ellen! notice the skinny jeans and boots!-------->

Jen had a rockin' Halloween party! That was super fun! I went as a "convict" but everyone kept calling me "jail-bait" can't decide if that's a compliment or a slam? Susan went as a conductor, we had fun, we were the only two single ones there, everyone else brought their husbands or boyfriends, but neither of us have one of those, so we rocked the dance floor solo style!

Just to make ya'll a little jealous, Monday Susan and I went to Huntington Beach, it was about 75 and the water was about 60, a little too chilly for Californians, but for us it wasn't too bad! We played a couple games of beach volleyball with some random people then ran and jumped right in! It was a fun time! I learned though that my bathing suit isn't safe for swimming in or doing really anything in except sitting still, cos the top just wouldn't stay put! Good thing noone was really all that close or they woulda gotten a show! luckily susan was there to tell me if i was having a problem! HA HA.

this is the Pier at Huntington Beach. The building at the end is a restraunt called Ruby's! sounds silly but people actually fish off of it, and catch things believe it or not. i 'm not sure what they catch. but i don't know that i want to know either.

i witnessed some real-live surfing! surfers are HOT. mmmmmmm p.s. they are wearing wet suits.

I uploaded a little video tid bit so you can see what i do on a daily basis, or close to it anyway.... enjoy!