Thursday, April 30, 2009

wedding wedding wedding!

well, it's all over now, i know, i'm WAY late on posting, but i finally got my internet up and running and so i thought i would, the only thing is, because i live in Rexburg i have not made it back to preston to pick up my "professional" pictures of the wedding, so i am just putting some up of the ones i had on my camera that ashlee, chris and lisa took. :] then when i get my good ones, i promise i will post them.
The wedding was amazing! I absolutley LOVE the Salt Lake Temple! it's soo beautiful! The wind was blowing like crazy when we came out though, so i don't know how good the pictures will be, cos my hair kept blowing in my face, and it got all messy. :[ but it was so much fun to be there with friends and family, and just enjoy the moment. i wasn't as concerned about the weather as i was the days before. The reception was beautiful! My mom did such a GREAT job in getting everything together and set up, it was a little stressful during the day gettting everything done, but it all worked out great!
this is a video jake and i did, just because a 2 hour drive to the place your getting married, can seem a little long. and we like to try to keep ourselves entertained. :]
this is me and jake after we fed eachother cake, he had it all over his face and in his eyebrows, and i had a HUGE chunk down my dress, it was the sickest feeling having that all crammed down there, poor jake though, he told me from the day we got engaged that he would not be smashing cake in my face, and he didnt. awe, what a sweetie. hahaha

this is all the jakes and ashlee's. ashlee higley, jake higley, me (another ashlee higley), jake pulsipher, and ashlie pulsipher.

this one doesn't need comentary.

jake and ashlee

the BEAUTIFUL salt lake temple.

jake and i made a pit stop at a mavrick on the way to salt lake, we were hungry and i was kinda tired, so he got us some corn dogs, and me a red bull to keep up the engergy level. (it worked)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

12 days left!

Wow, i really suck at this whole blog thing. i'm really trying to keep it caught up, but i guess i just get too busy and/or sidetracked on facebook ;] anyways, we are down to 12 days! holy moly! and i'm proud to say we have almost everything done. What a relief. Lynette did my bridals a couple weeks ago, they turned out really cute, she does such a great job, and is really fun to work with!

Today we had my bridal shower, it was so fun to get together with everyone and celebrate a little, it makes things a little more real for me, i still don't think it has fully hit me i am getting married yet, beleive it or not. Thanks to everyone who came!!