Monday, January 16, 2012

This cute little stinker is 5 months old today. Man, i love him :] We have so much fun playin together all day, he does so many cute things and is such a sweet little thing. Can't believe how fast time has gone since he was born!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm usually horrible at making new years resolutions, and so this year my new years resolution was to make and keep one, but i ran into a problem of picking JUST ONE. So i have a whole list of things i'm trying to do better at, and blogging is one of them. I know it's hardly fair of a stay at home mom to use the "there's just not enough hours in the day" excuse, but i'm going to anyway, after all, one of my resolutions is to better manage my time. :] 
We had a great Christmas, and New Year. Holidays are so much fun with a little baby to celebrate them with. Jamison was spoiled of course, it's so hard to say no when shopping for him. 
Jamison has grown SO MUCH since my last post, i feel bad I've let the time get away without updating my blog with all the new sweet things he is doing. At first i was so sad he was growing so big and wasn't staying a newborn but everyday he does something that makes me so excited to see him growing a learning, and he is much more fun now that he can play. It's fun to see his little personality, such a happy sweet baby. We started giving him cereal about a month and a half ago, at first he thought it was horrible, but now he loves it, we started giving him sweet potatoes, squash, bananas and apples and he LOVES them, if you don't feed him fast enough he lets ya know, and not usually in a nice way. and he's the happiest kid in the world if given a dill pickle to chew on. He's discovered he can spit now, so he's always drenched (if anyone has any suggestions of how to keep him dry, feel free to share :]) He loves scary things, being tossed in the air, being scared, and Jake tickling his belly with his nose. We decided J needed a haircut before we took any christmas pictures, he looks like a young man now instead of a baby, but that's ok. He rocks a sweet mohawk again :]