Tuesday, June 19, 2012

i'm going to be a whiner for a minute...

**disclaimer: i am a fatigued, morning-sickness effected, hormonal person...in other words, i have no filter right now, just be warned :]

Jake and i were going to wait until we knew the gender before we spilled the beans to the whole world, but i'm so dang sick that i just needed to get on here and whine a bit about it in hopes that it'll make me feel a little better. yes, i'm pregnant. Again. I know, "i just had a baby"... this pregnancy was completely unplanned. Trust me, it surprised us just as much as it does you, all 3 of you. :] I had completely forgotten just how dang crappy you feel when your pregnant. HOLY CRAP. I remember feeling sick, but i think the drugs they give you at the hospital erase your memory so you can't remember just how miserable pregnancy can be. I can smell anything, i can probably even tell you what kind of hairspray you use. This super-smell is something i could do without, considering pretty much everything that has a smell will make me sick. They say to "not let yourself get hungry" well, what if everything you eat makes you throw up? how am i supposed to stay "full" if my lunch always ends up in the toilet? or garbage, or whatever is closest. Nothing sounds good to eat anyway. Only salmon and steak, the two most expensive things to buy. plus a steak cooked in a pan and not on the grill is pretty much a waste of your money. Oh, and big j's, anyone want to drive two hours to have lunch? ugh. I realized that although rexburg is bigger, it doesn't have good places for a pregnant person to eat. Everything is fried or mexican. I was on pinterest earlier looking up ANY possible remedy for morning sickness and i came across a funny little comment an older woman told her pregnant daughter, "if men had to go through this, you know darn well they'd have come up with a working remedy by now" in other words, men are sissies. That's right. I said it. sissies. Poor J, i hardly have the energy to shower, let alone do all the fun things 10 month olds like to do, like go to the park and play mom is a jungle-gym, one little hand placed on my tummy can make whatever is inside come out. No wonder he likes his Dad so much. His mom is a grump. I am such a wimp when it comes to morning sickness. I'm often brought to tears just because i don't think i can handle one more second of feeling like i am going to toss my cookies. even scrolling through my phone makes me sick, seeing the screen move! I'm about 10 1/2 weeks so i am hoping this only lasts another 2-4 weeks. however with jamison i was sick until about 17 weeks. *sigh