Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last saturday, jeremy and i went to laguna beach! It was soo beautiful! It was kinda rainy and cold all day, but it was still amazing! I couldn't help but get in the water. All i had was the clothes i was wearing, so i rolled up my pants and went and played! it was so much fun! my pants were full of sand, but it was soo worth it! We got subways and ate them on the beach, and a seagul came and we fed him chips, he even ate out of my hand! Then he invited all his friends, and pretty soon we had seaguls everywhere! When we were done eating we left our subway bag by our things and went to play and take pictures, and while we were gone the seaguls made a big mess of it all.

This is the beach we were at!

the water was a little cool, but still soo fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

:::just chillin::


We are working on natalies picture taking skills! haha. she's pretty good. ha ha. and she LOVES taking pictures. :]

this is me and drew man-- just being rad.

this is what i look like when i am not playin nanny! ha i actually have make-up on! yay!------------------------>

Mr. Joshman ALWAYS falls asleep in the car, weather we are in the car for an hour or if it's 5 mins::: it's kinda handy actually! :]

oh how i love so. cal! It's the greatest place to be!! I get lost alot, and map quest is my new best friend, but, it's rad! Everyone keeps saying its starting to cool off, but it was 104 today... ya right!!

:::::ChUcK e. ChEeSe::::

Today we went to chuck e. cheese for our playdate! It was way fun and the kids had a blast! I have never been to chuck e. cheese before, so it was fun for me to do that for the first time... even tho it's built just for kids. ha. i had fun!

Miss natalie on the mean monster truck machine!

mason and josh at the top of the jungle gym! those dang monkeys!

josh, sydney, victoria and natalie::: i couldn't get them all to look at the camera at the same time for anything!!! but they are still soo cute.

Joshy ran around like crazy winning tickets cos he wanted to buy a toy dinosaur sooo bad! so he would play a game and get like 2 or 3 tickets and then run to the machine that counted tickets and print a recipt. i couldn't get him to wait and count all his tickets at one time so that we only had one recipt, the dinosaur he wanted to buy was 40 tickets, so we had prolly 9 recipts or so with only 2-11 points on them. it was funny, but he finally got his dinosaur!!!
drew and i did a simulation roller coaster ride, that was pretty fun, if that's all a rollercoaster felt like in real life i would like it! i couldn't get drew to get in any pictures... he was too cool for me. && disapeared and did his own thing the whole time.